BS – Aviation Management

BS Aviation Management program is a 4-year degree program with a focus on the growing and competitive global aviation industry. The degree offers specialized courses in Aviation Management along with general courses of business administration in the areas of marketing, management/HR, accounting, economics and finance. The course work develops students for the specific needs of the aviation industry.

Year 1

ACT103 Financial Accounting 3+1
MAN101 Principles of Management 3
QT103 Business Mathematics 3
AMT100 History of Aviation 3
MKT101 Principles of Marketing 3
ECO102 Micro Economics 3
ACT104 Intermediate Accounting 3
COM131 English-I 3
SS102 Pakistan Studies 3
AMT101 Business and Aviation Law 3
MAN100 Personal Skills Development 2
FIN201 Introduction to Business Finance 3

Year 2

IS151 Software Application in Business 3
SS200 Psychology 3
COM132 English-II 3
AMT103  General and Business Aviation 3
ECO202 Macro Economics 3
QT203 Statistical Interferences 3
SS206 Social Entrepreneurship 3
MKT202 Marketing Management 3
FIN302 Financial Management 3
MAN302 Human Resource Management 3
AMT104 Introduction to Airline Operation 3
 IS201 Enterprise Resource Planning  3

Year 3

AMT105 Airport Operation 3
ACT223 Managerial Accounting 3
COM400  Business Report Writing 3
AMT106 Management of Air cargo 3
SS100 Islamic Studies 3
AMT107 International Aviation Management & Aviation Policy 3
MKT407 Supply Chain Management 3
 SC404 Methods of Business Research 3
SC403  Business Ethics  3
AMT108 Airline Finance 3

Year 4

AMT109 Airline Information System 3
AMT110 General Aviation Marketing  3
AMT111 Modelling Application in Airline Industry 3
MAN400 Personal Skill Development-2 3
MAN404 Strategic Management 3
MAN464 Safety Management System 3
AMT112 Advance Aviation Economics 3
AMT113 Air Cargo Logistic Management 3
 AMT114  Aviation Business Policy & Decision Making  3
IPTD Final Year Project 6

Curriculum Structure

Area Cr Hr Area Cr Hr
Aviation Management 45 Marketing 9
Accounting 10 Quantitative 6
Communication 9 Economics 6
Information System/Tech 5 Other 18
Finance 6 Project 6
Management 14

Degree Structure


Duration 4 Years
Course Cr. Hrs 128
Internships 1 Cr. Hrs.
Project 6 Cr. Hrs.
Eligibility Intermediate 50% minimum or Equivalent A-Levels or
3 year Diploma in Business Admin.