Distinct Features of College of Management Science

The distinct features of CoMS are enlisted below:

High College Rating by Sindh Govt. (CIEC)

6 Stars Academic  Quality  Rating  of  College  of Management Sciences by Sindh Govt. (CIEC).


Recognized Degree

KIET received recognition by the Higher Education Commission (formerly named as UGC) vide letter no. 15-22/UGC-SEC/97/1219/ dated August 1, 1998. KIET was awarded a degree granted status through a charter from Government of Sindh (CIEC) on May 24, 2000.


All round Personality Development

KIET students are groomed for professional and personal success through regular orientation, training, mentoring and counseling by staff and faculty. Special training sessions are arranged by college where industry experts impart knowledge on different topics including CV writing, interviewing skills, career development, communication skills, etc aimed at developing the personality of KIET student.

Unique Educational Methodologies

College of Management Sciences (CoMS) is known for its unique, practical and highly educational learning methodologies including industry projects, self-entrepreneurial projects and seminars. Students are actively involved in all these event management and projects giving them hands on learning experience.


High Quality Faculty

Qualified faculties include foreign and local PhD’s and MS/MPhil.


Economical Fee Structure

Fee discounts are offered in the following categories:
• High academic achieves: up to 100% in tuition fee
• Siblings of full-time students of KIET who are paying regular fees: 25% in tuition fee
• Government employees and their children: 10% in tuition fee
• Army & Navy employees and their children: 8% in tuition fee
• Public corporation and financial institution’s employees in the evening programs only: 6% in tuition fee.

Generous Scholarships

KIET has a very elaborate academic scholarship system based strictly on merit. The scholarship system is designed to motivate students, encourage hard work and exceptional academic performance in every semester. The Institute provides scholarships to 7% of the total strength of students on semester-to-semester basis.
Currently more than two hundred students are availing academic scholarship provision per semester. The scholarship range from 20% to 85% rebates in tuition fee. Students scoring 75% and above in board degree exams can apply for academic scholarship in the first semester at KIET.

Prosperous Working Opportunities

Keeps track of the job requirements in the industry, preparation of graduates, providing feedback to the academic department about the industry requirements, counseling of the graduates for the jobs, interviews, CVs, presentations and other related activities. Arrangements of job fairs and other contact opportunities for the corporate sector. Development of a database of potential organizations where the graduates may find employment. Development of graduate directories and database of alumni. Holding of CV preparation workshop, interview participation workshop.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Development

The objective of the centre is to imbue in students a sense of enterprise coupled with entrepreneurial skills. We are committed to producing graduates who have the confidence and the ability to set up and run their own business enterprise rather than spend their careers working for others. We want our graduates to be involved in the creation of wealth and the generation of economic activity of their own rather than becoming a clog in the wheels of foreign enterprises.

A two credit hour project to be undertaken by a group of students over a period of two semesters under guided supervision of a faculty member. The project will involve a group (consisting of 5 or 6 students) identifying a business opportunity, prepare a business plan, implement the plan (setting up of a business), and operating it as a viable business enterprise. The project will culminate into a case study of the project which has to be submitted by the group.