a. Eligibility Requirement: 18 Years Education (MS/MPhil in relevant areas. In case of any deficiency, additional coursework may be specified)
b. GAT Subject Test
c. KIET Admission Test


6 Courses (18 Credit hours) + Dissertation (30 credit hours)

Philosophy of Management Research
Advanced Quantitative Techniques

Two Elective courses
Two paper writing (Directed Study) courses


Sample of Elective Courses:

International Marketing Strategy
Quantitative Research in Marketing
Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy
Advanced Strategic Marketing
Building Models for Marketing Decisions
Structural Equation Modelling in Marketing Research
Financial Econometrics
Advanced Corporate Finance
Financial Derivatives
Financial Theory and Corporate Policy Decision
Corporate Social Responsibility
Leadership in Organization: Theory and Practice
Chance Management and Innovation
Seminar in Organization Theory
Seminar in Strategic Management
Advanced Performance Management
Structural Equation Modelling in HRM Research
HRM Strategic Integration and Organizational Performance

Publication requirement for the Degree:

  • As per HEC guidelines of publication for the Social Sciences (currently at least “Y” category HEC recognized journal)

Dissertation Format Guidelines:

  • Citation and References Style: APA format. (Any other style has to be pre-approve by the supervisor and the PhD coordinator)
  • Font Size: 12
  • Font Style: Times New Roman
  • Text Spacing: Double space in the text body
  • Table of Content: Automatically generated
  • Page numbering: Numerical from Introduction (Roman numbers before Introduction)
  • Headings: Bold (preferably left aligned and in CAPS)
  • Table Size: 6.5″
  • Front Cover: KIET layout in green color
  • Printing Style: Single page printing on the right side
  • Required Appendices: Instrument attachment, 1st page of the plagiarism report