a. Eligibility Requirement: 18 Years Education (MS/MPhil in relevant areas. In case of any deficiency, additional coursework may be specified)
b. GAT Subject Test
c. KIET Admission Interview



6 Courses (18 Credit hours) + Dissertation (30 credit hours)
l Philosophy of Management Research
l Advanced Quantitative Techniques
l Elective 1
l Elective 2
l Independent Study 1
l Independent Study 2


l International Marketing Strategy
l Quantitative Research in Marketing
l Consumer Behaviour: and Marketing Strategy
l Seminar in Marketing
l Building Models for Marketing Decisions
l Structural Equation Modelling in Marketing Research

l Financial Econometrics
l Advanced Corporate Finance
l Financial Derivatives
l Risk Management
l Financial Theory and Corporate Policy Decision
l Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Resource Management
l HRM Strategic Integration and Organizational Performance
l Leadership in Organization: Theory and Practice
l Chance Management and Innovation
l Seminar in Organization Theory
l Seminar in Strategic Management
l Advanced Performance Management
l Structural Equation Modelling in HRM Research